The Most Underused Questions in Business

“Are you sure?” and “Why?” are the two most underused questions in business.
Asking these questions forces people to confront their assumptions and explain their reasoning.
If you use them more often, you can prepare people to question their own thinking—including their uncertainties.

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All Business Is the Experience Business

If you only sold products, it wouldn’t matter how good your relationships are.
All that would matter are the products you sell them.
But your client’s experience with you matters just as much as your products, and those positive experiences wouldn’t be possible without the relationships you build.

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How to Help People Learn Through Their Mistakes

We love when our Tribe makes mistakes.
In the long run, mistakes actually accelerate people’s learning process.
That’s why we embolden our Tribe to make mistakes, and why we teach through mistakes we’ve made throughout our careers.
Will you give people the OPPORTUNITY to learn from their mistakes?

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The Myth of Low Level Tasks

There’s no such thing as Low-Level tasks, duties, and responsibilities.
And if you refer to people’s tasks as Low-Level, what makes you believe people will execute them to the BEST of their abilities?
There are only tasks, duties, and responsibilities—period.

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How to Lead Leaders

Set expectations early and often, or they will be set for you. Almost EVERY challenge we face as a company has been a result of us not setting Clear Expectations. If you work with ultra-successful clients, this is a common challenge. Here’s how we use Clear Expectations to lead leaders.

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Run Your Meetings so People Love Them

If a meeting can start without you, then you shouldn’t be in it. That’s just one way we make our meetings more productive. Our meeting style may not work for everyone, but if you try our strategies, you’ll immediately cut your meeting costs.

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Know Your Numbers, Know Your Business

Numbers tell a story. If you don’t know your company’s finances, you don’t know your story. In the beginning, our cofounders thought they knew our finances. In reality, we didn’t even know how much money was in outstanding accounts.

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